~ Just great coffee without the skim milk powder taste in your coffee ~


Lavazza Grand Espresso

  • A typical Southern Italian style blend with robust taste and body.
  • Aroma comes from blend of washed and natural Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.
  • For coffee drinkers who enjoy a true Italian espresso.
  • Smooth, but intense with a full body and gently persistent aftertaste.

Lavazza Super Crema

  • A mix of natural and washed Arabica and Robusta beans producing a strong but smooth espresso.
The blend combines sweet Brazilian and delicate Indonesian beans.
  • A full-bodied taste that has an intense but short aftertaste.
  • An excellent, all round blend, perfect for all espresso-based drinks
Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza Cremosa Milk

Lavazza Cremosa low fat milk is a high quality skim milk powder used to enhance the flavour of the coffee.

” I thought I would provide you with feedback regarding the coffee. The feedback I have received from everyone is that they are extremely happy with the taste of the coffee. Thank you for your prompt and professional service “.
SG – UGL Rail Systems


Select from these premium coffee machines:

Coffee Vending Machine Melbourne



  • A completely automatic vending machine designed to reduce maintenance and service.
  • It offers up to 12 different beverages.
  • Automatically dispenses cups (up to 500), sugar and stirrers.
  • Saeco Brewing Unit for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Produces 7-9 gms quality espresso coffee.
  • Accepts the most commonly used payment systems.



  • Smart and stylish.
  • Two different cup sizes and types.
  • Quality coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea.
  • Coffee unit and Sigma fresh brewing unit.
  • Freemix instant technology.
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Canto Plus Top - Vending Coffee Machine
Necta Concerto Coffee Vending Machine



  • A completely automatic and space saving machine.
  • For small to medium locations.
  • Free standing beverage solution.
  • Hot and cold options to suit every taste.
  • Espresso and double espresso technology.
  • Reliable grinder with self-adjusting blades.
  • Easy to use selection panel.
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  • For medium sized locations.
  • Larger capacity and wider range of beverage.
  • Coffee and leaf tea brewers with specialist Necta mixers.
  • Selections and payment panels are user-friendly.
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Kikko Max Coffee Vending Machine
Solista Office Coffee Machine



  • Tabletop range for small locations.
  • Sleek and innovative design.
  • New coffee brewing unit.
  • New freemix instant technology.
  • Wide choice of drinks with small footprint.
  • See through coffee beans hopper.
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Advantages of Coffee Vending Machines

  • No more mess on the bench from employees making their own coffees and teas.
  • No more hassles of having to physically stock the team rooms with coffee/tea facilities.
  • The coffee machines are always kept fully stocked and cleaned and are serviced weekly or as needed.
  • Everyone gets to enjoy delicious, high quality, cafe-style coffee.
  • Highly personalised service from the vending operator.
  • A cost effective package.
  • Availability of beverages 24/7 for staff who are working overtime or weekends.
  • A variety of hot beverages: Short Black, Long Black, Short White, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Moccachino, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte, Mocca Latte, Machiato

FAQs of Coffee Vending Machines

Is the service FREE?
Yes, for all vending machines provided.

Is there a call our fee in the event of machine breakdown?

What is your response time?
No more than 1 hour, contactable 24/7

How often do you service the machines?
Machines will be stocked, cleaned and fully serviced weekly or as needed.