Vending Machines

Combo Vending Machine for snacks and drinks

Vending Machines for every nook & cranny

We supply vending machines which take into account decor, space limitations, door openings, number of staff, etc.
Contact us and we will pay you an obligation free visit to advise you on suitable machines to have on your premises.

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Vending Machines with YOUR choice of snacks and drinks

We customise according to tastes and diets:

  • indulgent food or healthy food
  • coffee or decaf
  • soft drinks or water

View our product list and make your selection. We will take care of the rest.

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Combo Vending Machine for Snacks and Drinks
Vending Machine Combo for Snacks and Drinks

Quality imported Vending Machines with the latest digital technology

Our vending machines are from major international manufacturers.
They are fitted with the latest electronic technology such as.

This ensures an easy and trouble free experience for all vending machine users.

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Vending Machines which can think and count

Some of our vending machines are fitted with sensor technology which ensures that you get your money back if the product of your choice is not dispensed.
Can’t find any coins for a can of Coke? Our vending machines accept notes and gives the right change.
Our latest range of vending machines also accept credit cards and smartcards.

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Combo Vending Machines for Snacks and Drinks